Who are The Barrel Makers?

Barrel Maker Printing opened its doors in 2009, and is a vibrant, approachable, and hard working community of people.


Bridging the gap between our craft and our customer is the most important part of what we do. We work one on one with each customer to successfully navigate the ins and outs of screen printing, elevating your design to everything it can be. Barrel Maker Printing is uniquely positioned to handle both large and small orders, and we are going to stay that way. Whether you need thousands of pieces or 24, you are our best customer, and a partner to achieve the best print possible. We are excited to get your order!


Through years of research and development, trial and error, we have developed an unparalleled respect for our craft. Our goal each day is to learn more and more about screen printing, which leads us down a path of self-critique and discovery. We love what we do, and strive to make each design its best version of itself, and thusly, we become the best versions of ourselves.

We specialize in full color, discharge, and water based printing, without throwing stones at plastisol. We believe a softer, brighter print creates a product superior to dense and plasticky prints. But, plastisol has its place, and when we print it, we print it well. We mix our ink to create certain hand and color quality on the garments. We predominantly choose water based inks for their soft hand and worn in feel. They become part of the shirt and make it more than the sum of its parts.


One of the things we love about screen printing is that at its very core, it remains analog. It’s ink, it’s the mesh of a screen, it’s a tool that pushes ink through a stencil. We utilize the most current technology where it’s necessary. We use it to increase the amount of detail we can get, to bring consistency to our product, and to print it faster. The benefactor of our choices is our customer. We bring a sharp eye and expertise to the process and use technology to become better.

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