When purchasing items for your employees, you’re probably doing it to boost company morale, promote an event, or to commemorate a watershed moment in the life of your business. This means you want the items to get people excited, engaged, and make sure it’s something they wear over and over again. Otherwise, why spend the money, right?

With all this in mind, don’t you think it’s time to push the boundaries and think beyond the normal company t-shirt? Now, we’re not saying that people don’t appreciate a good t-shirt (we are shirt printers, after all). But, if you want to make a big splash and a great impression on your employees, why not consider something a little different? Just a few changes can make a big difference.

You know what everyone uses at the office? Sweaters! Whether it’s hoodies, zip ups, or a classic crewneck sweater, there are always days when you need some reprieve from the office AC. Some of our favorite options? Basically anything from Bella+ Canvas. They’re super soft (both inside lining and outside shell), they have very vibrant fabric options available, and best of all, they won’t bust your budget!

Another out of the box option is a tote or duffel bag. A larger beach bag may also be a fun option if it’s a summer event or if your business is in at beachfront area. Your employees are guaranteed to use a large durable bag way more than a t-shirt. Some of our recommendations are Q-tees totes, a Liberty Bag duffel, or a HYP beach bag! Or if you really want to jump out of the box, there are so many things you can customize. Towels, hats, blankets, sweat pants! Just take a step back and think about what your employees would really use.

But finally, if you want to stick with a shirt— we won’t stop you! Get your employees a company a t-shirt. But make it fun! One of the simplest ways to make a t-shirt a hit, is to spring for something that doesn’t feel boxy or scratchy. One of our best recommendations is the Bella+Canvas 3001 – it’s unisex, it’s soft, and it’s a great price. You should also consider mixing it up with some specialty inks, or just a new style your employees may not expect. Try a burnout style, v-necks for the ladies, or just something in a bold color. And think outside the box of just your company logo. Ask your employees to weigh in with ideas, that way you’re sure to create something they’ll love.

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