Direct to Garment Printing

Digital printing on shirts…that sounds so awesome!  We use a giant inkjet printer with special inks that can print directly onto the shirt.  This is a great option for smaller job runs on light colored shirts.  Since we don’t need to use screens or mix ink we can print just 1 shirt at a time.  Our screen printing presses can output around 900 shirts/hr but they are time consuming to set up.    Since the inks are translucent and water based we only recommend this option on small quantities on a light or white colored shirt. If you are looking to order more than 24 shirts, screen printing will be a better option!


  • Quick turn time
  • Small quantities
  • Super soft feel
  • Full color print



  • No price breaks
  • Can’t print on dark shirts
  • Less vibrancy
  • Should only print on Cotton
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