Retail Ready Finishing Services

After we print your goods our job isn’t necessarily done. At least, it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of additional features we offer to ensure that your needs are well addressed. Some of these additional services include packaging your garments a certain way, folding and bagging, adding stickers or UPC codes to each item, warehousing and fulfillment, or even rolling up each shirt and rubber banding them.

Price Sheet

Folding: 1-299: $0.75/ea | 300-499: $0.60/ea | 500+: $0.45/ea
Polybagging: $0.20/ea + folding charge
Hangtags: $0.18/ea
Fulfillment: Shipping to multiple locations: 1-299: $0.65/ea | 300-499: $0.60/ea | 500+: $0.40/ea (See individual shipment prices)
Content Stuffing: Adding stickers, flyers, swag: $0.25/ea
Roll + Band: $0.50/ea + cost of custom rubber bands
Custom Rubber Bands: 1-1000 QTY: $0.63/ea | 1001-5000 QTY: $0.44/ea
Warehousing: $12/skid per mo
Stickering Garments: UPC codes, Retail Bundling, Etc. quoted per project.

Ground Shipping Rates (Bulk order to 1 location)

Under 12qty – $7.64 + $.41/shirt
12-36: $5.95 + $.39/shirt
36-72: $5.65 + $.38/shirt
72+ $4.91 + $.31/shirt
So, multiply total shirts by per shirt cost and then add the flat price.

Individual Shipments Via

USPS First Class:
1-2 shirts = $3.62/ea

USPS Priority:
3-4 shirts = $7.68

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