When you’re getting shirts for an event and everyone has written down their sizes for you, deciding on a size breakdown for your order can be easy. But if you’re making shirts for an unknown audience with no previous sales data to choose from, it can be a little tricky. But have no fear, we’re here to help. Here’s a pretty foolproof breakdown ratio to apply to all order quantities:

Adult Sizes
Small: 1
Medium: 2
Large: 2
XL: 1
2X: .5

As illustrated by this example, for a 100 quantity order for adults, the best breakdown would be:

Small: 15
Medium: 30
Large: 30
X-Large: 15
2X-Large: 10

Kids Sizes
XS: .5
Small: 2
Medium: 2.5
Large: 2.5
XL: .5
2XL: .5

As illustrated by this example, for a 100 quantity order for kids, the best breakdown would be:

XS: 10
Small: 20
Medium: 25
Large: 25
X-Large: 10
2X-Large: 10

But considering all audiences aren’t going to be 100% the same – it’s always important to take this ratio with a grain of salt and keep your group’s demographic in mind. If your brand or function is set for a specialized audience, say body builders, you may want to increase your quantity of larger sizes to accommodate all those serious guns. Or if your brand is popular with horse jockeys, you should probably stock up on more smalls.

And last but not least, always keep track of your sales! Even if you think this may be a one time order, there’s always the chance of a re-order, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Be sure to note if you ran out of a particular size more quickly than the others, if you have a bunch of one size leftover, or any other kind of buying patterns you may encounter along the way. All of these details will help you adjust your breakdown later down the road.

One last tip! If you’re still unsure of what to do. Contact us! We have plenty of reps who are more than happy to talk out the details of your order with you. No one should have to navigate the waters of custom t-shirt ordering alone!

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