Screen Printing Classes Chicago

We are extremely excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Ryonet to offer a much more in-depth Screen Printing Experience!

We believe the Ryonet Screen Printing Experience Class in Chicago is right for you, whether you’re new to screen printing, or you’re already in the business.

Over the course of two days, the hands on workshop and our experienced instructors will take you through the entire silk screening process, from initial artwork creation and design, to tearing down your project and equipment. You will learn how to create quality screen prints with ease and efficiency, saving your business time and money, while producing a better product. The advanced printing techniques we teach you in this class will give you an edge and advantage against other competitors in the industry. After graduating from this workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to make you a profitable, successful entrepreneur in the screen printing business.

“Having people actually active in the process of silkscreen printing really covers all aspects of the industry.”

– John

“By attending the Screen Print Experience, I have learned so much about Screen Printing and our industry. Barrel Maker Printing made me feel comfortable and excited to learn more about Screen Printing. The overall experience of the class was beyond wonderful and super informative.”

– Emily

“This class was awesome! I learned so much! It was so helpful in learning what we were doing wrong. The staff was great! Thank you!”

– Katie


“Erin & Justin are outstanding example of how to create, develop, and expand a business. Their knowledge of how to make customer artwork look the best presentation and impact for client needs. The fact that they covered mistakes, challenges, difficulties encountered throughout the concept to design to print to delivery process was the foundation for making this class valuable in terms of the art & business of printing. Knowledge, communication skills & enthusiasm for their craft make them exemplary teachers. Their sense of ethics & responsibility make them exemplary business owners.”

– Lucia

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